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    January 6, 2019
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e seicious Slimming World FREE ip MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY TRONSOND UAT An Oscar Slimming Performance Gaick Green aScoolMum of 2 Nicola, 39 from Norwich, has Nicola made the decision to rejoin ost 3 stone in 8 months and has now Simming World and in February 201 trained as a Consultant for Simming she began her second Simming World World, the UK's largest groupbased journoy at Rachadl's Oak Grove group. weight loss organisation, at ther national training academy in Derbyshire Nicola's frst weigh in was not what Mombers of the Sivor Road group are she expected at all with a loss of only getting ready to wee orno Nicola as ½b Twas so disheartened andstin their new coneutant on 9th January group crying wondering how I was ever 2019 at Gecrge White Junior Schoolon going to achieve my goal, Everyone in Wedhesday evenings at 7:30pm. ey 01500 494580 group was so kind and supportive and gave me the push I neodod to get through to the next week in which I won Simmer of the Week with Tel Emma 0775 151911 30am and 11.30am AMer having her childiren Nicola found she had put on an increasing amount of weight, weighing in at 15 stone at her heaviest t86 Tol Rooooc a01 404800 inor Shool NEW TIME OP By the time the concert came e Da07724 9192 Poigland Piary School 730m Nicola had joined Smingaround in April Nico had World in 2012 following the birth of her daughter and lost 2 stone n 3 months but with the lost over 1 ½ store and had succeeded in fitting into her red 00nn upressures of motherhood and returning to work she found herself slipping into old habits and stopped et amazing to have achieved my goal and Tal Chanle 07780 454240 30pm THORE ST ANDRFRIDAY The Good Shopherd Churoh going to reach my fina Personal Do 07724 91920 cacomy In Jan 2018 the choir that Nicola is a part of, announoed that they would be pertoming a Night at the Oscars the Oscars night for a second time n September, at which TUESDAY HARFORDAM, Co e· almost at her target weight and her dress no onger ftted so another smaller size, dress was WEDNESDAY the dress code for the ovening was 'red carpet nynte WEDNESDAY THURSDAY BLOFIELD Ihad a dess my HELLESOSATURDAY required perfect for the evening and l longed to wear a but it was NORWICH Kay Ote03 75000 has lose an average of 1b per week and has lost a total of over 3 stone in 8 months and is now a target member and maintaining her weight through the fostive season, Ane07737 548600 School Lane NBA DRAYTON R180 400 e 0775 32721 ynsy 07427 844096 hhuh Centre EARLHAM Come alone and join Nicolas amazing group this Wednesday at 7.30pm Lindla 07557 340 0344 897 8000 Aglimmny