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    April 4, 2019
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I e slelicious Slimiming World with . MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY School Carrck Greon Tel Serh 07909 222906 Tod Kely 07700 370600 TOl sarnoyg09 222006 Tinda or567 7 7490 makes Joel Lawrence 5.30pm and 7.30pm Mie Cross Road el Dien 07724 91900 Tel Lind 00557 3T Being the best at losing wouldnt normaly heip "Since then Ive made to you to scoop an award yet one man from many friends a the group Norwich has done just thet ater being name and t honestly don't think I could two dorwithout the town's GreLo 2010 That's because Joel Larence has lost a er support each wek World group who has lost the most weight, and Joel who's gone trom 22 stone 12b to 14 3 30pm, 5.30pm and Sel Emma 07775 151911 819424 Tel Lyney 07 427844606 ake the te, which They helped me with neoipes Norfok Snowoort Gu TAVERHAM PM 5.5b, says: Thero's abeolkaely nothng weng snoe frst stepping through the door n fact,I Joel tollowed the club's. Food who I haven't soonlan and swpped takely pizzas Tel Hayley 01508 494186 NORWICH 530pm & 7.30pm Tot Sarah 07009 222088 WnJunior School 0765 802517 while ohen can't beve mthe sao or takeway pizzas with a voriety of difteent with Simming World. I love food and it's never always surprioed at howr much food I have for a THORPE ST ANDREW pon, For me though t's the change on the He says: 'People think meons going hungry, yet a's not ihe that at School HaleyHoop Tove 07585 702854Thorpe St Andrew Hgh nside that's been the greaest-I'm happier hoalthier and much more conident now School The proud 28 year-old joined the Trowse group re previously the Howott groupl, which is run byRebeccaJones, rdinary 2017 Joy sasMy weight impscted on to mony Tel Hayley 01508 494186 NORWICH etng so much delcious food THORPST ANDREW Lorwood nare School Stol Slver Road 30pm& 7.380pm m 0ool 07709 615608 FRIDAY TUESDAY without ever feeling hungny able to do simple everyday asks without feelng tired and out of breah Before I 07700 6158s 0770 454240 ost the weight I hated having my that my sle wth the ros y famly ancd Pyterkin Road Rachel 07824 819424 Ths is a change that I've made After iating the GP with pains, his GP Tel Kely 07708 37000 IGNOLD need to kee0 up foreve Wee 07737 meece sare 07034009184 se ayPopogn oors lost a sonal of 8st 6.5% and gone from a 50 nch waist and 200 shirts to HEARTSEASEAMS SATURDAY nowaddays and has n 3 Chanelle 07780 454240 WEDNESDAY THURSDAY EETT SCHOOL Cocil Rload Entrance Ane 0773 6between seven and nine compeing in a Boxing Match bo severely overweight That the Simmming World group tThe Aer pludkong up t courage over Salvation Amy Ctadel Caton Grove Road Tlawn 07724 910230 who'd te s0 lose weight by foming oin his local Slimming World goup which was at pace of workHe says:Waking through those cloors happier and hoolthier to take action at Simming World and. thinkt The Trowse group meets every To join call Rebecca on 07881 698892 lKaren 01603 405638 810424 Tel Nale 07795 337212 DRAYTON you stan today yo, could feel complcooly new person just a my sne and scared tnat Imight be the biggest person thene I needin have woried though, everyone there wa Jo Rebecca and Iwas so reved when tound out that my weght was at Norlok Snowsport C To Sarah 01603 430611 to toll everyone how much limmin WORLD f 0344 897 8000